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Codebench and RedCloud Integration

Codebench, Inc. is a provider of TWIC / HSPD-12 / FIPS-201 authentication and physical access control middleware. RedCloud, previously known as PlaSec, is a physical and virtual network appliance access control platform. And recently, Codebench announced that it has integrated its PIVCheck Plus software with RedCloud security management software, marking the first integration of PIVCheck Plus software with a physical and virtual network appliance access control platform.

Codebench PIVCheck Software Suite: PIVCheck is an end-to-end card validation, authentication, and registration solution for HSPD-12 compliance.

“Our integration with RedCloud provides customers with an integrated logical and physical access control solution that is HSPD-12 compliant,” said Geri B. Castaldo, CEO of Codebench. “Integrating our PIVCheck software suite with RedCloud Security Management Software provides our customers with a choice as to which solution is most appropriate for their needs and provides them with a true IP-based solution.”

RedCloud systems are 100% web-based and utilize an open architecture, while offering offer integrated identity management and video surveillance. RedCloud solutions include:

  1. RedCloud Virtual: The industry’s first VMware Ready access control solution purpose-built for organizations that have migrated their IT infrastructure to a secure, private cloud environment.
  2. RedCloud Enterprise: Offering all the software features found in RedCloud Virtual, including PIVCheck Plus integration, and is packaged in a dedicated, all-in-one, industrial grade network appliance.

“By integrating with PIVCheck Plus software from Codebench, we are able to offer our government customers a FIPS-201 and HSPD-12 compliant solution that can validate credentials and check against the various hot lists,” said Terry Neely, president of RedCloud. “We’re excited to be working with Codebench and be recognized as one of its trusted physical access control system partners.”

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Codebench, RedCloud Announce Integration


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