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Commercial Security: Burglary and Intrusion Alarms

Setting up burglary and intrusion alarms are two simple ways to increase your commercial security. Whether your business is in a period of transition or has a high turnover rate, you want to do everything you can to protect your premises, even during off-hours. Here are some factors to consider when the time comes. 

Commercial Security: Burglary and Intrusion Alarms
Setting up burglary and intrusion alarms are two simple ways to increase your commercial security.

The Control Panel 

The control panel is one of the most critical parts of these alarms. Think about the central processing unit, or CPU, in a computer. Without that, the computer can’t “think,” or even work. The same principle applies to the control panel of an intrusion alarm. Signals are received and interpreted here. Most of the time, you will find the control panel in a closet or other secure room, so that they are more challenging to tamper with and prevent interference from other devices. 

The Keypad 

Take a minute to think about how a computer keyboard functions. As the name implies, the keypad for the burglary and intrusion alarms is just as crucial.  With the keypad, building owners can arm or disarm the system. Other functions are controlled through the keypad, which is an essential input device. This can also authorize new users such as employees who have just been on-boarded; be a touch screen or physical-button-activated, and run on a hardwire or wireless network.  

The Sensors

Without sensors, your commercial security systems wouldn’t count for much. That’s why every aspect of the system must be inspected and maintained at regular intervals. Detectors should be placed at every exit and entrance into the building, including doors and windows that may seem impossible to access. Magnetic beams connect each sensor, and when these sensors are tripped, the alarm is activated. Sensors are also used in the event of a glass break incursion. These sensors are designed to listen for the unique sound glass makes when it shatters, then activate the intrusion alarm accordingly. 


The Motion Detectors 

Motion detectors are also essential to improving your suite of commercial security measures. How do motion detectors work? They depend on several different elements:

  • Vibration
  • Ultrasonic waves
  • Microwaves
  • Heat sources, such as body heat
  • Movement

While using one part of the system is useful, you won’t be able to optimize your commercial security setting until you use everything in unison. So if your security system is lacking, then it is past the time to look into an upgrade! 

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