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Competitive Markets Mean Stronger Security


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How can you capitalize on the competitive markets of video surveillance?

The technological market is always a fast moving one. As newer, more effective technologies come out, the prices for older ones go down. It’s a simple principle that affects everything from computers to speakers and it certainly affects the security community. Today we’re going to be talking about some of the specifics of how competitive markets are affecting the world of security and how it all affects you. Ready to dive in and take a look? Let’s begin.

Which types of technology are becoming more affordable?

The short answer is most of them, but the more specific answer is video technology. We have moved away from using physical forms of video surveillance storage like VHS tapes and transitioned to using digital storage. Now, to capture an effective surveillance video, a great deal of bandwidth is required. There are programs available to reduce the bandwidth and storage of video footage, and they have become very popular. Their popularity has reduced their cost and thus, to compensate, companies are putting out more refined camera technology with higher and higher resolutions. With a much finer camera, you are able to create a more accurate portfolio of what’s going on within your property, giving you a stronger security solution.

Body cams are also changing due to competitive markets.

Within the past year, the Department of Justice said that they were going to purchase about $20 million worth of body cameras to accommodate the police forces throughout the nation. Body cameras have become increasingly popular due to public complaint about the activities of members of the police force and this surge of purchases will certainly make these devices more affordable. The technology required for these cameras involved video syncing, validation software for the person wearing them, and many other features that make them more effective.

Are You Ready to Take Advantage of These Competitive Markets?

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