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Deterrence Security Strategies on College Campuses

Securing college campuses requires a multi-pronged approach that both passively and actively employs strategies to protect the campus. The three fundamentals of security: deter, detect, and delay, are essential in providing a comprehensive security solution on a college campus. In this week’s blog, we’ll examine the strategy of deterrence, and how security cameras fit into this strategy.

Deterrence: Security on College Campuses

The goal of deterrence is to demonstrate to any would-be wrongdoers that there will be consequences to any actions they are considering. Deterrence also attempts to instill doubts in wrongdoers that they would be able to get away with these actions. There are several subcategories within deterrence that are used to secure college campuses.

Natural Territory Reinforcement

This strategy focuses on clearly defining ownership of space. What this does is send a message to unauthorized personnel that their presence in this space will be noted. There are a number of ways to natural reinforce ownership status. Low fencing is one of these ways. This encourages local foot-traffic not to cut across campus. Walls and curbs are another way to accomplish this. Landscaping the property to look different than the surrounding area is another way to differentiate and establish ownership. Finally, ownership of property in areas that are not central but still a part of campus should be marked with signage.


Lighting is another important part of the deterrence strategy on campus. All entrances and exits to buildings should be lit, as should walkways across campus. “When designing lighting improvements, it is important to gradually reduce the lighting (low lighting ratios) as you leave the building entrance to allow for the human eye to adjust, increasing their situational awareness and enhancing safety,” according to Security Today.

Security Presence

The third component of the deterrence strategy is a security presence on campus. Security cameras are an important component of a security presence on campus. Because people can’t be everywhere at once, and often spaces will be unoccupied, security cameras serves as constant observers of all activity on campus. Security cameras are a visible deterrent as well, and will discourage illegal activity in the first place. To confuse would be wrongdoers as to the scope of the camera’s surveillance, a smoke lens can be used to prevent the person from seeing where the camera is facing, which serves the purpose of instilling doubt. A comprehensive security surveillance solution is essential for the security of any college campus.

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