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Freely Available Education Resources for Schools During the Covid-19 Outbreak

In these unsure times, no one knows when life will get back to normal. Schools are closed for the foreseeable future and non-essential businesses are supposed to be closed now. This means that many parents are going to have to homeschool their kids now. Even so, schools have free resources to lean on to help their students during this crisis. 

Freely Available Education Resources for Schools During the Covid-19 Outbreak
Even so, schools have free resources to lean on to help their students during this crisis.

Rapid Transition to Online Learning 

The Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences teamed up with the Flipped Learning Global Initiative to publish the “Rapid Transition to Online Learning” which is a how-to guide on how to make online learning run more smoothly when schools are closed for the time being. Teachers, administrators, IT managers, and volunteers all over the world have resources to use during this time.   


Meanwhile, Achieve3000 is oriented towards improving differentiated literacy instruction.  The Literacy at Home Program features nonfiction articles at three different reading levels. These levels each include topics in the fields of science, social studies, and current events. Other programs include Actively Learn and “Literacy Printable Packets” for students who do not have readily-available Internet access. These text packets add up to a month’s worth of additional instructive material for students who are at reading level, below reading level, and above the reading level for their grade in secondary grades from 6-12.  


Adobe’s resources are a bit more narrow. They offer free access to their Creative Cloud tools, but only through May. This program is intended for home use by students who attend schools that only have lab access to Creative Cloud in on-campus computer labs. 

Age of Learning

Age of Learning is also offering free programs for students and families left at home. One such example is ABCmouse, intended for students ages 2 through 8; another example is Adventure Academy, intended for ages 8-13; and ReadingIQ, which is intended to be a digital library and literacy platform for children who are 12 and under.   

Amazon’s Future Engineer  

Amazon’s program focuses on computer science. This program offers free online access to particular sponsored courses based around the US. students in grades 6-12 can access these courses, as can instructors who are teaching remotely, along with parents who might be able to provide additional guidance.  

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