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How a Systems Integrator can Maximize Video Surveillance Technology

Advances in technology have significantly improved the capabilities of network video surveillance and security systems over closed-circuit television security systems in ever facet of performance. There are many ways to educate yourself and your IT staff in order to reap the benefits of this new technology, but in some cases your best bet is to use the services of a systems integrator, whose technological knowledge allows him or her to maximize the potential of separate entities of a network video surveillance systems.


Systems integrators are often useful as mediators between new technology and government regulations which haven’t yet caught up. New megapixel technology allows higher resolution and a broader viewing range, and thus the ability to use fewer cameras. However regulations in some industries, the gaming industries for instance, require a high number of frames per second, which can be detrimental to the resolution afforded by megapixel technology. A systems integrator can rectify this situation by upholding regulatory standards while still using the potential of new camera technology.


As the design of today’s video surveillance systems grows more complex and its architecture more open, a systems integrator is integral in harmonizing all of a systems’ components, especially as the firmware and software of video management systems and other system components are updated, and not always at the same rate. An integrator can ensure that all of your equipment plays well with each other so that their performance is maximized, and not stunted by incompatibility issues.


Ideally, all businesses and enterprises would be able to take advantage of the latest video surveillance technology, however not everyone has the budget or resources, and some are stuck with legacy analog systems that would be inconvenient to replace. Systems integrators can help these businesses overcome old systems by using new IP-over-coax technology to put a network video surveillance system in place without having to replace hardwired cables.


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