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Hospital Visitor Management Systems

Hospitals are among the most difficult locations in terms of maintaining security. Not only is the safety of vulnerable patients at stake, so is the safety of the expensive equipment used to treat them. Large campuses see the entrance and exit of thousands of employees, patients, visitors, vendors, and contractors every day.


Doctors and other staff have ID badges to identify themselves, and patients wear wristbands for the same purpose. However, it is often difficult to spot a visitor, who may or may not be given some form of identification that is readily visible on their person. This is why hospital visitor management systems offer a great solution for hospital security when it comes to visitors.


Visitor management systems work by pulling up a database of information retrieved from a government issued ID such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID, or green card. This database includes national, state, and local criminal records and sex offender records. With access to this information, hospital staff can decide whether or not to grant access to a visitor, and can discreetly alert security with a call button if they find any red flags. Visitors who are given the green light get their photo taken and receive a badge that displays the photo, date, their name and destination. Aside from weeding out unwanted visitors, the system also has the advantage of storing data for quick access in the future, and preventing the badge from being transferred to another person or used again with the photo and date display.


In addition to their main goal, visitor management systems are also useful in a variety of situations. They provide a complete record of everyone in the hospital in the event of an evacuation due to a natural disaster or human threat, which is invaluable for local authorities and first responders. In the event a crime occurs, security footage can be cross-referenced with the database of photos in the visitor system. Systems can be networked to other hospitals for quick data sharing, and offer great liability protection. The system also complies with HIPAA patient privacy policy, as the staff can see the patient’s name, room number, and visitor restrictions, but don’t have access to health information.


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