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How Can You Ensure Stronger Hospital Security?

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Keeping your hospital secure can seem like a difficult proposition.

Keeping your hospital secure can seem like a difficult proposition. After all, the point of any hospital is to help everyone who enters the building. That said, hardening your hospital against intrusion is one of the most valuable investments you can make when you are in charge of running the entire institution. It’s one surefire way to better serve the public at large. Here are some ideas for how to manage it. 

Improve the Access Control Systems 

The concept of access control is simple: creating checkpoints. Such checkpoints are designed to keep out unauthorized personnel from accessing whatever is behind the secured door or another passageway. Utilize access control technology that relies on specially-coded keycards; this also helps to reduce the potential number of contaminated touchpoints. Keyless entry permissions can be encoded into ID cards carried by hospital staff. 

Screen All Visitors to Campus 

Screening all visitors is another excellent way to protect everyone inside your medical facility. Each entrance should have a check-in desk; likewise, a staffer should be positioned here, even if they are meant to serve as floor guides for each wing. Security officers can also be posted here, to allow them to have somewhere to rest in between hallway patrols. Therefore, suspicious visitors can be prevented from entering or causing any harmful disruptions.

Hire More Security Officers 

Speaking of security officers, hiring more guards is always a good idea. Every entrance and area with high foot traffic should have multiple officers watching them. Restricted areas and any areas that are forbidden to the general public also need to be better protected than your average waiting room. 

Focus on Security System Integration 

Systems integration represents a unique opportunity to make all of your security assets stronger. That is because they’ll be linked instead of only being standalone devices. Security systems, emergency alerts, and access control can all be tied together. Integration helps mitigate the effects of potential emergencies, whether they are caused by the weather, human actions, or the accidental release of a dangerous pathogen.

Conduct Security Risk Assessments

Lastly, be sure to arrange timely security risk assessments. Experts from local security companies can inspect and address any unexpected flaws or vulnerabilities. For instance, all surveillance cameras can be moved around to provide maximum monitoring coverage. What security measures need to be overhauled? And which ones are performing better than expected? The answers to these questions are crucial factors when it comes to hospital security. 


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