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Getting the word out when it counts

Recent events at Discovery Communications and Johns Hopkins Hospital have called attention to the benefits of Mass Notification Systems (sometimes called Mass Notification & Emergency Communications Systems or MNECs) and have prompted businesses to consider how they would respond in similar situations.  As this page points out, the development of Mass Notification systems has “drawn heavily on established life safety and fire alarm technology. While fire alarms and MNECs address different kinds of dangers, they share similar objectives.”

Mass Notification installations are wide-ranging fully-integrated mega-systems that encompass common building functions such as fire alarm, security, access control, video surveillance, through computer pop-up screens, e-mails, text messages, strobe flashes, and video display boards to name a few.

Facility evacuation is not always the best solution in the face of terrorist attacks, risks from chemical spills, or the dangers of natural disasters. These situations require different management strategies that take a multi-dimensional approach. At ARK Systems, we understand the complexity of Mass Notification systems and individual facility requirements

Whether your company needs a Mass Notification System or wants to upgrade an existing one, we can help.  We’ll work with you to design the appropriate system for your company, and then professionally install it.

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