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IP alarm transmitters provide an alarming Internet

Traditionally, alarm transmitters have required dedicated phone lines to send out alerts. With the advent of IP alarm transmitters, alarm systems can now notify appropriate personnel through the Internet. These IP alarm transmitters provide so many benefits, they’re almost essential for a secure facility.

Monitoring options
As this article points out, IP alarm transmitters can be configured in a myriad of ways. Personnel at a central location can receive alerts from many remote locations. Alerts can go to several recipients so a warning can get out even if one or more locations is disabled.

Even when there is no emergency, IP alarm transmitters are still at work ensuring the alarm system is operating correctly. If a device stops communicating with a transmitter, the transmitter can immediately inform security personnel and direct them to the device that’s malfunctioning.

IP alarm transmitters can save you the cost of maintaining a dedicated phone line for your alarm system. However, in the event of a computer failure or Internet disruption, IP alarm transmitters can still seize an existing phone line, usually a fax line, to send an alert.

If you’d like to learn more about IP alarm transmitters, contact us. It’s important to work with professionals when installing these transmitters because they need to be compatible with every part of your system. We are experts with such a wide variety of transmitters and systems that we’ll be able to quickly identify any adaptations you need to create a secure, reliable alarm network.

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