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Biometrics, Physical Access Control & Convergence

Despite a seemingly constant call for convergence from IT professionals, physical access control systems that are joined with logical access control systems are still hard to find. But why? Well, the answer seems to lie in the struggle between IT managers and security managers.

What constitutes as “secure” when it comes to access control cards? Are card readers secure? Are proximity cards secure? The answer isn’t so clear cut. Yes, these cards provide a certain level of security, but how much?

For most physical access control systems, card readers provide enough security. But from an IT perspective, card readers leave much to be desired. With the threat of hackers and other intruders always looming, card readers do not provide nearly enough security.

Biometrics: Integrating Access Control into Identity Management Systems

What card readers are lacking is strong authentication credentials. Anyone can use anyone’s proximity card. There is no way to verify the identity of the card holder. This issue, however, is resolved with the use of smart cards.

These smart cards go through a series of challenge and response sequences to initiate conversations with the network, which checks card signatures to check card authenticity and make sure it exhibits no signs of tampering. This provides a much higher level of security than proximity cards. But there is still a problem with smart cards.

In most systems, the private key is stored on the network, the very system that the IT manager is trying to protect. And if the network is compromised, so too is the smart card. So in an ideal world, the private key would be stored on the card, itself. This way, if the network is hacked, the key is not there. And even if the card was stolen, the thief will still need the PIN code to generate a digital signature.

But as these systems stand, smart cards still rely on a PIN or a card, either of which can be stolen.

The Solution: Biometrics!

Biometrics provides a more secure solution to access control systems. And biometric technology is improving every day. How will you utilize it?

How do you make your security all it should be? Or better yet, could be? ARK – an industry leader in security design, installation and service – has the answers.

Access Control and Biometric Systems Designed by ARK Systems

With over 30 years, at government facilities, research centers, corporate campuses, high-rises, educational institutions, and more, ARK has the skill to assess your perceived level of threat, and then show you precisely what you need to address it. Best of all, we can integrate it all into your existing data network, helping your IT and Security Departments find the best solution together.

For any further questions on Access Control and Biometrics, simply contact ARK Systems at 1-800-995-0189 or click here today.

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Source: Why Biometrics Appeals to IT

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