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How to Keep Your Personal Safety in Mind

Security technology has seen significant advances in the last 10 years. However, according to recent surveys concerns regarding personal safety have increased in the last 10 years as well. Using technology to strengthen your personal safety will give you an advantage, but there’s still plenty to be said for non-technologically based techniques such as staying alert of changes in your surroundings. Here are some tips that will help you keep your guard up in public, both with the help of technology and without it.


Technology Based Tips

  • Program 911 as a direct dial on your phone
  • Program ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts into your phone so that in the event you’re unable to make an emergency call, someone can do it for you.
  • Limit the time you spend talking on your phone or listening to headphones while in public, as it reduces your ability to focus on your surroundings.


Non-Technology Based Tips

  • Walk in well-lit, highly-traveled areas so as not to draw attention to yourself.
  • When walking on the street or sidewalk, walk facing traffic so you’re not surprised by a vehicle coming up behind you.
  • If you think you’re being followed, switch directions or walk into a nearby building and ask for help. Change your route every so often and keep on the lookout for safe places you could go if something were to happen.
  • If you see someone and are unsure of their intent, make eye contact with them to assert yourself.
  • Check to see if anyone is hiding in or around your vehicle while you approach it.
  • Ready your keys before approaching your car or house.
  • Keep your valuables out of sight if possible.
  • Keep your wallet in your front pocket.





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