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How to Protect Your Athletic Fields

Here now is a look at how to protect your school’s athletic fields. 

It seems to be an unfortunate side effect of the measures put in place to safeguard against coronavirus, but school break-ins keep happening. Even before the pandemic put everything in quarantine, it was still critical to make sure that all auxiliary buildings were kept safe. Here now is a look at how to protect your school’s athletic fields. 

Using Fences and Lights 

One simple way to increase security is to present a physical barrier. Fences can help stop intruders of all types from accessing the athletic fields whether or not the fields are currently in use. Given present circumstances, all fields should be locked and virtually inaccessible in any case. Floodlights should be used to help illuminate the fields, especially after dark. Another security measure that should be implemented is lighting up the parking lot once dusk falls and after any events are over for at least an hour to give cars and other vehicles time to depart. Motion-triggered lights can be used during off-hours, which in this case, is all the time.

Keypads, Touchpads, and Cameras

Obviously, installing keypads and touchpads made much more sense before the pandemic started, as they now present another surface that needs to be sanitized. Even so, card readers and touchpad locks remain a smart deterrent against break-ins and vandalism because it is much harder to bypass an electronic lock than it is to overcome a traditional lock-and-key mechanism. Security cameras, which are typically used inside the school building, can also be deployed to monitor fields and other facilities. 

Advanced Technology 

For schools that have larger budgets, using advanced technology could be a solution to help protect outside buildings such as portables and athletic fields and their associated facilities. Cameras equipped with dwell time analytics can determine how long intruders are on-premises and send automatic alerts to the authorities. Radar, infrared, and thermal cameras can all be used as well, although such tech may be out of reach for less affluent school districts. Loudspeakers and intercoms are much more common and mainstream examples of school security technology that can be leveraged in new ways. 

Organize Security Management 

Finally, organizing security management also plays a key role in protecting schools and their attached fields. The same level of safety and security measures that are instituted for the main school should also be used for its fields. 

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