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How to Protect Your Company’s Security Cameras from Hackers

Running a thriving business involves more than tracking your profit margins and drawing in new customers. You also have to keep your premises safe. Whether you do that through installing more stringent access control features or you use biometric security, there’s always something more you can do when it comes to keeping your business secure. Have you thought about how to keep your security cameras safe from takeover by hackers?

How to Protect Your Company's Security Cameras from Hackers
Have you thought about how to keep your security cameras safe from takeover by hackers?

What Hackers Want

To better protect your business against hackers, you need to think like them. More importantly, staying one step ahead of them and predicting when and why they would want to violate your company’s security measures is crucial. After all, they could be planning to switch off your cameras to allow thieves or burglars to sneak inside during your off-hours. They may also want to steal valuable data from your company’s servers, or cryptocurrency that is still viable. They could also be searching for trade secrets or identifying information about your customers and clients, such as email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card information.

Protecting Your Security Cameras

There are many different ways to safeguard your security cameras against hacking attempts. You should use the Security Vulnerabilities Database to find out if your cameras are a potential target. If you have been using the Internet of Things, or IoT as part of your business model, then you also need to verify that these devices can’t be affected by security camera vulnerabilities, especially when it comes to IP security cameras.

Then, establish a firewall as soon as you can. Give every camera a different password that is difficult to guess or deduce based on patterns found with other cameras. Make sure two-factor authentication is used to secure every access point, especially on the computers that help oversee the operation of the cameras. Apply all relevant operating system and software updates as soon as they become available

Improving Cybersecurity

Top-flight cybersecurity professionals and security measures can thwart hackers and other cybercriminals. These defenses can prevent incidents that will affect the physical security of your business along with your reputation. Keep your business growing by taking the time to improve and upgrade all of your cybersecurity measures, not just the security cameras you rely on the help protect the building or the office.

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