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HSPD 3 Explained

One development in the post-Sept. 11 world that aids security personnel is the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 3 (HSPD 3).  As this page details, HSPD 3 established the Homeland Security Advisory System that created “a common vocabulary, context, and structure for an ongoing national discussion about the nature of the threats that confront the homeland and the appropriate measures that should be taken in response.”  It’s important that all security providers understand what HSPD 3 entails, so they can respond appropriately.

The Homeland Security Advisory System establishes five Threat Conditions from Green (low) to Red (severe) that assess both the probability of a terrorist attack occurring and its potential gravity.  These Threat Conditions set by the Attorney General in consultation with the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security, carry with them a corresponding set of protective measures to reduce an organization’s vulnerability to a terrorist attack or enhance its ability to respond.

The executive level of the Federal Government is the only entity required to monitor the Threat Conditions and enact the proscribed protective measures.  However, it’s advisable for other government entities as well as the private sector to establish similar measures and react accordingly when Threat Conditions change.  ARK Systems can provide the technology to help organizations prevent or respond to terrorist acts.  Contact us to learn more about the security options available and which ones would be appropriate for your organization.

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