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More on Green and Blue Threat Conditions

In our last post, we discussed Homeland Security Presidential Directive 3 (HSPD 3) that created the Homeland Security Advisory System. It’s an important topic that we’d like to focus on a little more by looking at each Threat Condition and what it entails. This week, we’ll combine and quickly review the first two conditions – Green (Low) and Blue (Guarded) – because they’ve yet to be used.

Green Condition indicates that there is a low risk for a terrorist attack while Blue indicates a general risk. The suggested measures for these two conditions are reviewing emergency response plans and protective measures for higher threat levels and making any necessary changes to them. Organizations should also ensure that all personnel are familiar with and able to execute those plans and measures. Under Blue Condition, organizations should also make sure their communications with emergency response and command locations are in good working order. For more information on HSPD 3 and the Homeland Security Advisory system, visit this page.

It’s always good to review and revise if necessary all emergency procedures and protective measures. This includes upgrading security equipment. If you have questions about security measures or want to learn more about security equipment and systems, contact us. We’ll help you make your facilities and personnel safer.

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