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Identifying criteria in HSPD 12

Another post-Sept. 11 security change was Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD 12).  This directive created a standard form of identification to gain access to government facilities and mandated adoption of this standard by all government agencies.  This Website provides more information on HSPD 12.  Though the directive is directed at government agencies, like HSPD 3, the private sector can take some cues from it to enhance its security.

The most obvious influence of HSPD 12 on the private sector is the requirement for government contractors to obtain and display the same form of identification that government employees need.  The directive also lists criteria for secure forms of identification that private companies can use.  These include:

  • Issuance of ID should be based on sound verification of the employee’s identity.
  • It should be hard to tamper with or counterfeit the ID.
  • Authenticating issued IDs should be able to be done electronically and quickly.
  • An official accreditation process should be required for all those who issue IDs.

If you need to improve the security of your organization through card access, telephone access, or biometric ID systems, contact us. We not only have the equipment to improve the safety of your facilities and personnel, but the expertise needed to choose the right equipment for the right situations.

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