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The Importance of Fire Alarms for Your Business

The Importance of Fire Alarms for Your Business

Even if your building has a functioning sprinkler system, you still need to have fire alarms installed and maintained.

Even if your building has a functioning sprinkler system, you still need to have fire alarms installed and maintained. Here are some reasons why fire alarms are so important for your business.

The Differences

One reason why you might you prefer fire sprinklers over fire alarms is that you think they serve the same purpose. Although you might think they are interchangeable, this is only a misconception.

Fire alarms: These warn you whenever a fire starts somewhere in the building. Whether the alarm is triggered by the presence of smoke, heat, or someone pulling the alarm, they all work the same. The alarm emits warning lights and a loud sound that indicate the need to evacuate. If fire alarms are activated quickly enough, this gives everyone in the building more time to escape to safety. Fire alarms are meant to protect your employees and visitors while also contacting the fire department to send assistance.

Fire sprinklers: Fire sprinklers only activate only when they detect a fire in the vicinity. One sprinkler turns on at a time, depending on the location and the severity of the fire. Fire sprinklers are meant to contain fires and protect everything else in the room.

Why Fire Alarms Matter

Even when you have a well-maintained fire sprinkler system, you still need to have as many fire alarms placed throughout your commercial building as possible. The sprinklers won’t always stop a fire, and the people occupying your premises might not know that there is a fire spreading somewhere.

Early Warning: As we noted above, fire alarms provide an early warning signal. The sensors inside a fire alarm are more sensitive than those in fire sprinklers and will activate at lower fire temperatures.

Mass Notification: Fire alarms also serve as a type of mass notification system. They will alert everyone inside the building, and sometimes in neighboring buildings on the same campus.

Most of the time, sprinkler systems will only activate where the fire is. Although some of your building’s inhabitants may know about the situation, others won’t. Part of escaping to safety means that the exits need to remain unlocked and that everyone inside is unaffected by smoke inhalation. This poses a serious problem because even if the flames are contained, the smoke from the fire can still be dangerous to everyone around it.

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