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The Importance of Video Device Storage Moving Forward


Video device storage is very important for the future of video surveillance.

Video device storage is very important for the future of video surveillance.

Throughout 2016 we saw an increase in demand for body cameras and other forms of highly sophisticated video surveillance technology. As 2017 approaches, we can only expect that demand to continue to rise. However, this calls into question just how important video device storage will become in the coming days. Let’s take a look.

Video surveillance is expanding rapidly.

Video surveillance is not only being implemented in more places, but it is also expanding in its capabilities. Campuses, schools, commercial properties, and other locations are asking for things like higher resolution video, more sensing technologies, and wider panoramas. All of these elements add to the amount of data that must be managed by the system. The more data you must capture, contain, and examine, the more important your video device storage becomes. After all, even if you can store all of your data within your storage system, you will still need to manage that data and in that management, we find the future of security technology.

Data management requires more sophisticated storage technology.

As more and more consumers ask for video analytics, their security systems are becoming more than just a security solution. Analytics transform their video surveillance equipment into a way to create financial returns. However, to make this effective, the data needs to be stored over a long period of time so that the staff can see the patterns that can impact their business. Without proper video device storage management, this is not possible.

Video device storage management creates cohesion.

If you have a situation with multiple video surveillance systems such as body cameras, dash cameras, and IP cameras throughout your facility, you will probably need to bring all of that information into one place. Without proper data management, this will become an enormous challenge, as law enforcement agencies are discovering. The problem is beyond simply trying to house all of the data; we need to make it cohesive and accessible in a centralized location.


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