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  • 4 Problems That Can Affect Your Security Cameras

    When your business feels more secure, everyone inside the building also feels better. After all, safety, security, and peace of mind are three things that can help your business grow. However, the security cameras that you just installed need to… Read More

  • Video Verification Increases Security Protections

    What type of technology products do you use in your office? Computers? VoIP phones? Tablets? What if these products only worked properly 2% of the time? You would probably not be too enthusiastic about paying for it or keeping it… Read More

  • Immense Changes in Video Surveillance and Security

    In recent years, our society has been exposed to conversations regarding video surveillance and police body-cameras. The technology around these cameras has continued to develop and transform to be better equipped to handle a variety of security breaches. 

  • The Importance of Video Device Storage Moving Forward

      Throughout 2016 we saw an increase in demand for body cameras and other forms of highly sophisticated video surveillance technology. As 2017 approaches, we can only expect that demand to continue to rise. However, this calls into question just… Read More

  • What is the Future of IP Video?

      IP Cameras first emerged back in the late nineties, but no one thought that they would replace the popular CCTV cameras. However, with time and interest, these cameras have become more and more popular until becoming the norm for… Read More

  • Situational Awareness is Key for Preventing Retail Theft

    For retailers of all sizes and scope, theft is a serious problem. In fact, a recent study commissioned by the Global Retail Theft Barometer found that shoplifting accounts for around $42 billion in losses for U.S. retailers annually, with employee… Read More

  • Honeywell Expands Line of IP Video Surveillance Cameras

    Honeywell Video Systems, a trusted provider of high-quality surveillance equipment, has recently announced the expansion of its Performance Series IP line of cameras. These high-quality surveillance  cameras offer reliable image capturing capabilities at an affordable price and they are easy… Read More

  • The Future of Video Surveillance

    The world of video surveillance is constantly shifting and evolving as technology becomes more fine-tuned to the needs of users. From police precincts to retail stores to sports arenas, there are few industries in which video surveillance is not already… Read More

  • Improvements in Technology Make Video Surveillance More Effective Than Ever

    Video surveillance has long been a key piece of physical security but thanks to new technological improvements, the capabilities of these systems have improved drastically. Video surveillance is smarter, more efficient, and more cost-effective than ever, making it a necessity… Read More

  • Video Verification Benefits Bring Physical Security Into the 21st Century

    Video verification systems have become an integral component of security plans for organizations and facilities seeking to enhance their physical security. While the immediate benefits of video verification are obvious—namely, the opportunity to capture footage of security events—their utility goes… Read More