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Improving Safety in Schools with Physical Security Upgrades

School security has never been a higher priority than it is now, and with many older schools still in operation, school facility managers are searching for ways to improve the security of their individual school within the context of its structure and design. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to schools, which can vary widely in design based on their age. When it comes to physical security, there are many potential solutions that can be implemented in order to improve secure the three key areas on a school’s campus. These are the perimeter, points of egress, and classrooms.

Physically Securing School Campuses


Perimeter security is accomplished with strict control over entry and exit points. Electric strikes are a solution many schools use to secure their perimeters. Grade 1 outdoor rated strikes can be used on perimeter doors and locked down from a central location using an access control system. No-cut strikes are also available for interior doors and don’t require new door hardware or frame cutting. Gates and fences are another key component of perimeter security.

Points of Egress and Classrooms

When it comes to points of egress and classrooms, doors are the last line of defense, which is why it is important to ensure that they have the necessary hardware to provide the security required of them. Many schools are upgrading egress and classroom doors with electronic locks or access control FOBs which can be controlled remotely via an access control system. The need for durable components in these systems is essential, especially in a school setting where they will be subjected to constant and heavy usage. Exterior doors and access control systems should be weatherproofed, with no electronics exposed. The selection and placement of power transfer devices and power supplies is also important. Concealed power transfer devices are ideal in that they cannot be tampered with, and are sheltered from everyday wear and tear.

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