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Maximize the Potential of Your Emergency Notification System

As the field of emergency notification systems has evolved, so too has the technology behind it and the number of uses organizations are finding for it. An emergency notification system is no longer limited to simple pager-level technology and can be used to instantaneously deliver all kinds of information en masse. Here are but a few of the ways you can leverage your emergency notification system to the hilt.

emergency notification system

Advanced Cloud Computing

While once limited to on-site installations or run through an off-site third party, many colleges, universities, and hospitals are taking advantage of new cloud-based emergency notification software. In addition to traditional alert functions, new cloud software allows notifications to broadcast to specific geographical locations or demographics. The software can collect responses in real time and requires no physical or even software installation.

Non-Emergency Use For Colleges

While it might seem immediately at odds with the moniker, many schools have been stretching the use of their emergency notification system further by employing for non-emergency situations, in order to streamline daily communications. Emergency notification systems are frequently employed to alert faculty on meeting updates, tell students about a class venue or time change, remind students of deadlines, or tell them about an office hour shift.

Helping Hospitals Maintain Order

While obviously used for critical medical alerts, hospitals have been finding ways to leverage their emergency notification system to increase operating efficiency, manage staffing, and broaden the spread of medical coverage. Hospitals have recently started using emergency notification systems to send en masse staffing bulletins, in the event of someone calling out sick, in order to keep shifts manned easily. They’ve also started using the same technology to quickly assemble teams of specialists who work in different locations for complicated emergency procedures, saving lives and making specialist care more available.

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Source: Campus Safety Magazine

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