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Inspecting A Fire Sprinkler System

red sprinkler system valves and pipes

Sprinkler systems are great for preventing a fire from spreading uncontrollably through a facility, causing untold damage

ARK Systems is proud to offer sprinkler maintenance and testing services. Sprinkler systems are great for preventing a fire from spreading uncontrollably through a facility, causing untold damage. A sprinkler system can be the most crucial component of a fire safety plan, but if it isn’t well-maintained, you won’t get the protection that you expect. Here we’ll discuss the steps for a professional sprinkler inspection so that you know exactly what this vital service is all about.

The Control Valve

Many sprinkler systems operate with a butterfly valve. In an inspection, a technician will close the valve, which will set off a signal to alert another technician at the alarm panel that the system is not operational at that time. When the technicians confirm that this alert system functions correctly, the technician at the valve will open it back up and apply a tamper seal. 

Gauge Readings 

A gauge reading will essentially check all of the plumbing in the sprinkler system. The same technician responsible for closing and opening the butterfly valve will use a special gauge to ensure that the system has the correct water pressure for optimal performance. After that, the technician needs to open the main drain for the system to once again check the water pressure and check for any clogs. 


At the furthest point in the sprinkler system, there will be what’s called an “inspector’s test.” The technician opens the inspector’s test, and then this system simulates an activation scenario. If the system works correctly, it sends a signal to the fire alarm panel within a minute. This step needs to happen on every floor of the building. The technicians also need to ensure that the proper test signals were sent to the facility’s monitoring company. 

Backflow Testing

This is another check on the plumbing, and this test is essential as a matter of public health and safety. A sprinkler system will come with a backflow preventer to stop any water in the system from entering the public water supply. This test requires a special kit and is much more involved than the rest of a standard sprinkler system inspection. If a building passes this part of the inspection, it is good to go until the next scheduled test. The technicians will document all of their findings for any Fire Marshall inspections. 


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