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5 Reasons to Install Intercom Systems at Your Business

ARK Systems intercom systems

Installing intercom systems in your business can provide many benefits.

An intercom system is a communication device that transfers messages through a wired or wireless system of speakers. It allows for voice communication between one room and another, a floor and other floors, or even an entire building. 

Intercom systems are an innovative, convenient way to have a two-way conversation with anyone in your organization. Even at a time dominated by smartphones, there are still plenty of reasons to install intercom systems. Besides reducing your communication budget, these devices are crucial in passing urgent messages to your employees on time. Here are the top five reasons to install intercom systems at your business.

Reach Who You Need Quickly

Installing intercom systems in your business makes it easy for customers and staff to communicate more quickly. This is a handy feature when your employees are located in different areas of your building. 

These systems are the most reliable when customers need urgent information. With an intercom system, you can instantly connect with any employee through their personal speakerphone. Intelligent intercom systems further increase the chances of accessing your employees by sending a signal directly to their smartphones. 

Send Out Announcements

Unlike phone systems that make it hard to communicate office announcements, intercom systems efficiently deliver quick announcements to everyone in your company. You can call your employees to the boardroom for a meeting with just a button push.

Sometimes, alarms might not work as well as you would hope. With an intercom system, you can let everyone at your premises know about issues of concern with a clear and precise message. 

Control Access to Restricted Areas

If you have a large staff, preventing people from getting into restricted areas can be hard. While you can rely on key cards, the technique is not reliable all the time. But with an intercom system in place, you can effectively deny unauthorized individuals access to areas of concern. 

Anyone who needs to enter restricted areas, such as parking lots, must ask for permission via these systems. Whoever is in charge of the areas can then permit them from inside by pushing a button to unlock the door temporarily. 

Work With Surveillance Systems

You can also install intercom systems alongside surveillance systems such as cameras to allow better interaction between individuals in your organization. This makes it easier to greet incoming visitors and direct them to certain areas of your business. 

If you notice an employee entering a restricted place within your building, you can inform them early enough through the intercom system. If they fail to trace their way back, you can also offer help on where to go. 

Work With Guards

Adding intercom systems to your surveillance is also a great security measure. You can use it to monitor intruders and communicate appropriately on the next course of action to your security department. You can also brief your guards on preparing to address security concerns with quick action. 


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