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Keeping Schools Safe

Now more than ever, maintaining the security of students, teachers and faculty at schools is an imperative task. Here is a primer on school security systems.

school security system


A well-planned security system and security plan will ensure the safety of everyone in the school. When assessing a school before implementing a security system, officials use a Threat Vulnerability Assessment (TVA), which considers risks from natural disasters to accidents to calculated and intentional threats. A plan should also include procedures for collaborating with first responders, which are EMS, HAZMAT, fire, explosives, law enforcement, and search and rescue.

System Components

New security technologies are constantly being developed, and some of the latest are integral in maintaining school security. One new technology allows mobile devices such as cell phones to receive alerts transmitted on the school’s emergency communications network. This allows anyone in the school who is equipped with a mobile device to receive information in real time during a security threat, which better prepares those involved to deal with the threat. HD technology is available on security cameras, and remote video surveillance allows first responders to connect to the school’s camera network to monitor events in while they’re in progress.


A school security system is only as good as those who use it intend it to be. Practicing will ensure that everyone involved knows the procedures for potential security threats. Involving local authorities in practice drills will help streamline the process so that in the event of a real threat, local law enforcement will already know how best to respond. Inform students and parents on days when drills are scheduled to maintain calm and order.


Keeping a security system up to date is important in guarding against potential threats. New technologies will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the system. Security professionals can advise as to whether a system needs to be upgraded, and how best to go about the upgrade.



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