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Traditional Building Systems and Security Integration

In this new, interconnected digital age, systems are often merged together to create more efficiency and a greater ability for overall control of those integrated systems. In the world of building management, new technologies are merging the systems controlled by the security director with that of the facilities manager.

While it may seem strange to merge systems like video surveillance to water management systems, the result is actually a more efficient and streamlined framework. Traditional building systems can be merged with security systems using local area networks (LAN). With LAN, multiple systems and their related software can be merged in order to simplify and improve overall building operations.

When asked “what is there to gain from this type of convergence,” there is much more to it than simply an easier and improved system. Here are a few of the added benefits to integrating systems:

  • It’ll save money – What convergence creates is more intelligent systems. For example, an access control system can turn off all of the lights, facilities, HVAC and other relevant building features once it has detected that all of the building occupants have left.
  • Less risks – With integrated systems, potential security and other risks can be more readily and quickly identified. The other systems can also be used in conjunction with security systems to alleviate potential threats.
  • Faster employee response to incidents – With managed and converged systems, employees who used to work the non-integrated consoles can investigate potential security or facilities problems sooner than if they had to man their station and monitor their specific department.
  • Creates more accurate records – All of the operations of your building can be consolidated into more accurate and compact reports which can be given to managers, government regulatory agencies and any other entity that would need information about your building operations.

The advantage of this kind of facility and security integration are convenience, efficiency, cost savings and easy scalability. Separate, stand-alone security and building control systems are quickly becoming obsolete. Many professionals are seeing the value of combining all of the building systems onto one single network with a centralized control point. Soon enough, this type of systems management will be the new normal for security and facility systems.

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Source: Security and Building Automation Systems Converge, Security Today

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