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What Should You Know About Your Mass Notification System

What Should You Know About Your Mass Notification System

Every business needs to have a mass notification system.

Every business needs to have a mass notification system. Whether you need to spread a message about an emergency closing due to the weather, a power outage, or a crisis, you will need to have a modernized mass notification system. If you haven’t had one configured before, then here is what you need to know.

Multiple Channels

Most of the time, a mass notification system relies on the infrastructure behind text messaging, also known as SMS or short messaging systems. That said, whenever an emergency situation arises, today’s business leaders have many more assets at their disposal besides text messaging, such as:

  • Phone calls
  • Emails
  • Social media alerts
  • Mobile app push notifications


Having a mass notification system in place can also save time. In any emergency situation, saving time is essential. One way to manage this is to create a preset message that is already set to the social media channels or other means by which you send the message. It will also include information about who the messages are intended for, and the specific details can be filled in before the emergency message is sent.

Location Groups

The next factor to take into account is where your employees are located. After all, while the bulk of your workforce might be based at your company’s home offices, you will also likely have remote workers who only need to report in periodically, or you have employees who travel more often than they spend time in the office to complete administrative tasks. Depending on who you need to reach, and where they are, you can use location groups to target them specifically instead of other workers who will be otherwise unaffected.

Built-In Maps

Maps are also a critical part of building an effective mass notification system. The map can show you how near or how far away you are from an emergency event if it is an external incident. Having these maps available will also help you determine who will be affected, and as such, need to be informed of an evacuation or other emergency response.


Geo-fencing builds off of the mapping technology for mass notification systems. A geo-fence can be placed around a certain area, and everyone inside that marked area will receive emergency messages – and only those who must know will know.

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