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5 Advantages of Commercial Intercom Systems

5 Advantages of Commercial Intercom Systems

As effective as business phone systems, phone systems, and mass notification systems are, sometimes, all you need are commercial intercom systems.

How do you communicate with your employees? As effective as business phone systems, phone systems, and mass notification systems are, sometimes, all you need are commercial intercom systems. Let’s look at some advantages of establishing and maintaining these systems.

Get in Touch

Phone calls and text messages are not always instantaneous. Even with instant messaging or chat functions, you can’t be sure that someone you’re trying to reach will answer right away. Commercial intercom systems can help you get in touch when you have to relay an urgent message. These intercom systems allow for a quick and easy response without interrupting whatever your colleague is busy doing. This setup also reduces frustration and annoyance due to the phones going unanswered, and everyone can be reached even if they are currently away from their desks.

Make Announcements

As useful as your business phone systems are, at most they allow for conference calls involving small parties of people. But your phones won’t be able to contact everyone all at once, especially if you have an announcement. Although you can make such a declaration through an email, commercial intercom systems can communicate with everyone throughout the entire office. Making announcements such as these are even more important when you are testing the fire alarm system, and you need to indicate that testing and fire drills do not mean an actual emergency situation has begun.

Improve Security

Commercial intercom systems can also improve the security of your building. Through integration with security cameras, you these intercom systems can help guide employees to where they need to be without getting lost or straying into an area with restricted access. At the same time, you can guide them to safety during an emergency situation where panic is a real possibility. When you have these intercom systems in place, you can also quickly communicate with security guards who are either on patrol around the building, or the ones overseeing the security cameras.  

Restrict Access

Intercoms can be used at checkpoints throughout your building to allow or restrict access. That way, you won’t have to worry about issuing everyone with keys that might get lost and prevent unauthorized entry.

Integrate Video Functionality  

Sometimes, all you need to do is have a quick face-to-face chat with a coworker, but you can’t get away from your desk – with integrated video functionality, you can ensure that this type of communication can be beneficial for everyone involved.

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