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Live Video Is a Key Consideration for Real-Time Situational Awareness

In any application where situational awareness is needed, live video provides the ideal solution. Today’s IP-based cameras can capture high-quality images in real time that offer a detailed look at how events are unfolding. For military, law enforcement, and emergency response agencies, live video can provide an invaluable source of information. Learn more about the benefits of live video in today’s blog, below.

live video

Live video is a crucial component for real-time situational awareness.

Real-time data equals rapid response

By integrating live video into an existing video surveillance framework, police and first responders are better equipped to handle a tactical situation as they have had the opportunity to watch the events unfold. Thanks to technological advances that have made mobile video equipment more effective and affordable than ever, more and more agencies are recognizing the value in incorporating live video into their broader security strategy.

Mobile video surveillance cameras must have the capability of integrating within an existing video surveillance framework in order to ensure maximum efficacy. In addition, they should also incorporate five additional key elements:


  • Quick response time. Live video surveillance cameras need to be portable and come with a long battery life in order to ensure that they will work when needed most. With the simple click of a button, a live IP-based video camera will begin recording and broadcasting situations in real-time.
  • Live video view. When capturing live video, you need to be able to review the footage immediately. This allows security managers to quickly and efficiently determine the best response.
  • Reliable signals. Video will often need to be viewed from locations that represent a logistical concern, such as within surveillance vans or helicopters.
  • Streamlined sharing capabilities. Sharing is a crucial aspect of IP-based live video systems as videos will need to be able to be sent quickly between tactical locations.
  • Real-time information. The data received by live video cameras must be able to be streamed for evaluation to both command centers and mobile devices in the field.

To cover all of these bases, security managers are finding that tools such as backpack units, mobile uplinks, and live video software are invaluable for ensuring maximum situational awareness and maintaining security.

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