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Open Platform Solutions Are Ideal for Networked Security Needs

Open platform architecture provides the flexibility of multiple options, which makes it the ideal basis for networked IP video surveillance systems in a wide range of applications. When considering implementing a surveillance system, administrators must consider 4 key components: scalability, interoperability, extensibility, and availability. By focusing on long-term needs using a well thought-out step by step process, your organization will be able to build a surveillance system that has the capacity to both meet your needs now as well as grow with you.

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Open Platform Solutions Are Ideal for Networked Security Needs


While you may only need 100 security cameras now, if you know that your organization will grow to require ten times that number then you must plan out your infrastructure to ensure that this will be viable in the future. Open platform surveillance solutions are ideal because they offer customizable options which can be fine-tuned to the needs of your organization and change as those needs shift.


You know that you will need an IP-based video surveillance system solution that will continue to evolve with your needs, but how is that possible when you don’t know what your needs will be in the future? This is where extensibility comes in. You need a solution that can be added to down the line as new options become available and as your security needs become more clear. By taking advantage of open platform solutions, your software will continually evolve alongside your organization.


Interoperability is a key concern for systems operators because it ensures that your video surveillance system will be compatible with other key aspects of your security system. Both integration and interfacing are aspects of interoperability and it also covers your system’s ability to share data. Open platform software solutions are designed to mesh seamlessly with existing systems in order to streamline operations.


While reliability is a common way of measuring the success of a system, because it is such a broad term that can mean so many things, it is not ideal. Instead, availability is a much more effective indicator. Open platform solutions give you the opportunity to choose a level of system availability that is relevant to your organization, which allows you to fine-tune the amount of system uptime that you are comfortable with.

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