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Mass Notification Systems and Their Impact on Lockdown Protocols

As such, mass notification systems remain just as important as they were before, if not even more.

2020 is behind us, and 2021 is ahead. Even though these days we have spread apart, staying safe is still the top priority for everyone. As such, mass notification systems remain just as important as they were before, if not even more. In our new reality, typical lockdown protocols that we were already familiar with in years past have had to change. So what impact has this transition had? Join us now to find out more!

Lockdowns and Overall Risk 

Campuses have lockdown procedures to respond to many types of crises and hazardous circumstances. Unfortunately, in many cases, beginning the lockdown and spreading the word can take too long. So instead of mitigating risks, this procedure can end up exacerbating them instead. Wasting time can lead to unwanted repercussions – some examples of situations where a lockdown is called for include active shooters, extreme weather, or other related emergencies. Mass notification systems can make managing all of these concerns as easy as possible once IoT, or the Internet-of-Things, is brought into the fold. 

How Does This All Work?

So what exactly can cause a lockdown? That’s a good question. It comes down to the administrator’s discretion. Different systems will distribute the warning in different ways – mobile apps, panic buttons, keyboard shortcuts, or even speed dial functions on landline phones can all be used to initiate a lockdown when needed. These alerts can then be disseminated to recipients in a multitude of ways: namely, via phone calls; text messages; images, flashing lights; IP phones; and IP speakers. At the same time, the intended audience will also be instructed on what to do next – especially if the context of the alert is to serve as the basis for a drill. 

Mass Notification Response Measures: The Next Steps

Electronic door locks can be engaged through the deployment of the IoT. through this method, intruders can be kept out – or in some cases – prevented from escaping. It depends on the type of campus in which the response measures become necessary.   

Preventing API Accidents 

You might be wondering what the API is. Well, in simplest terms, it is the Application Programming Interface, and it is the matrix by which the MNS can interlink with other types of security technologies, both physical and virtual. Smoother interoperability leads to quick response times and an easier time managing the aftermath of each lockdown situation. 

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