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School Safety Concerns: The Impact of COVID-19 on Active Shooter Drills

Stop School Violence:
The topic of school safety has always been a sensitive subject.

The topic of school safety has always been a sensitive subject. Within the last few decades, there has been a sharp increase in the number of incidents occurring at schools around the country. That’s why it is not hard to see why it has been giving lawmakers and school officials headaches to figure out the proper responses in order to keep everyone on-campus and off-campus as safe as possible. COVID-19 has, without a doubt, disrupted the normal operations of everything – from learning taking place in the classroom to situations where an active shooter might become a threat. 

Security Crisis Plans 

By preparing for every eventuality, you can account for every potential security crisis. That way, everybody on your campus can be kept safe, no matter how large or small your premises are. Leveraging creativity, ingenuity, and currently-available technological resources can all make a tremendous difference. In short, it’s better to be safe than sorry. School resource officers, or SROs, can act as a point of contact between the school and the local police. However, this may not always be feasible – therefore, don’t discount the act of hiring off-duty police officers or seek out contract security officers who have the training and certifications that you are looking for in scary times such as these. Emergency plans, lockdown protocols, and safety/security drills are all immensely important – and even though they were important in the past – they have become even more important now.  

Electronic Access 

We’ve spoken many times before about the value of visitor access control systems. Electronic access represents the newest frontier in terms of this security technology. Even when there isn’t a crisis, well-maintained security delivered via electronic means can go a long way towards ensuring school safety and student morale. The bedrock of this new system should be the video intercom system; likewise, landscaping needs to be maintained and all doors need to be kept locked and watched throughout the school day. 

Gunshot Detection 

Gunshot detection technology is improving all of the time. These devices can listen to the sounds of gunfire and are often paired with high-end video surveillance measures. This means that even more data can be transmitted in a timely manner to first responders so they know what to expect when they arrive at a campus under siege. 

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