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Physical Security Technology Goes Green

Energy efficiency has become an increasingly visible issue over the past few years. With concerns over climate change causing more and more consumers to critically analyze their own energy consumption, businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of following suit. Advances in physical security are leading to physical security technology that’s more eco-friendly than ever before. Learn more in today’s blog, below.


The physical security industry is starting to go green.

Physical Security Technology Goes Green

Consumer demand is driving innovation

As consumers become more interested in reducing their energy consumption, physical security technology manufacturers are increasingly finding ways to meet that demand. However, it’s not only consumers who are demanding this change: The Federal government is also beginning to follow suit. In March of this year, Executive Order 13693 was ordered and changes the way that government contracts are awarded. Whereas in the past contracts were traditionally awarded to the lowest bidder, the new Order mandates that the government must make investments in sustainable products. This marks a significant shift away from focusing on cost and toward emphasizing the importance of long-term sustainability.

How physical security is going green

While the process of transitioning to zero net energy buildings will be complex, the journey will be made up of small victories. For example, electromagnetic locks are affordable and use 96% less energy than a traditional lock. They also create less heat, which improves the building’s overall energy efficiency. While on a small scale this may not seem like it would have much of an impact, if you imagine how many of the products are in each building and multiply that throughout an entire city, the scope becomes clear. Small innovations really can add up to real change and it is up to our industry to drive that change.

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