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Protecting Hospitals from Security Threats

Security is one of the most important missions of hospitals, second only to their primary mission as a place of medical treatment and healing. In order to protect this process, hospitals have to protect themselves against a variety of security threats, a task which is made all the more difficult by the fact that thousands of people walk through their doors every day including employees, patients, visitors and staff. From records theft, to theft of medication, to violent crime, hospitals must be vigilant and proactive in their security practices in order to provide a safe environment for all who pass through their doors.

Protecting Hospitals from Security Threats

Regulatory Measures

On the large scale, regulations are the first line of defense for hospitals. The non-profit regulatory organization The Joint Commission, “certifies healthcare organizations across the United States based on each hospital’s commitment to performance and standards.” The Commission sets up regulations designed to prevent security breaches, and hospitals “must perform a root cause analysis and implement preventative measures, including security. If a hospital doesn’t respond, it could be put on ‘accreditation watch,’ which could put a hospital’s reputation at risk.”

Video Security Measures

Hospitals have used video security systems for years as a means of surveillance, but recent advancements in technology in this sphere have made new, more proactive security measures possible. IP video cameras are replacing analog cameras and providing better image quality and surveillance capabilities. Video management software is making it easier to store and access video, and has made real-time video monitoring via mobile devices a reality, making life easier for security personnel on the ground. Video analytics have turned video surveillance from a passive activity into an active one, making it possible to integrate video systems with alarm and other facility systems. Video analytics can alert users when abnormal activity is occurring in an area and enable a proactive response, targeting security threats before they take action. In these ways, new video surveillance technology is changing the face of hospital security, making it more efficient, and more effective, and taking the mission of security to new heights.


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