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Replacing Access Control Cards with Smartphone Technology

There’s no denying it: the use of smartphones is ubiquitous. Thanks to these devices, we can accomplish just about any of our daily tasks with the push of a button, and access all our information right from our phones. But the application of smartphones doesn’t stop there–they are also becoming a growing part of security and access control systems. By embracing smartphones in the area of security, many are even replacing access control systems such as ID cards with smartphone-enabled technology. Security technology is constantly developing, so it can be easy to lose track of these trends and shifts. Read on for a guide to the shift leading many to replace access control cards with smartphone technology.

Replacing Access Control Cards with Smartphone Technology
By embracing smartphones in the area of security, many are even replacing access control systems such as ID cards with smartphone-enabled technology.

Smartphones and Security

Since smartphones hit the market, there have been plenty of security credential applications created to utilize the devices. With the current advancements in smartphone technology, it would seem that more and more business are seeking to use smartphones in their security systems. As smartphone technology becomes more and more critical to our security systems, it’s important to understand how it works.

Does Smartphone Access Control Work?

Though some may be skeptical of using an app for access control, the majority of smartphone access control systems actually work very similarly to an access card system. Where card readers would be installed at various doorways and entry points, requiring you to present or swipe an identification card, smartphone systems work in much the same way. Instead of using cards, these readers will read permissions from an app downloaded onto a user’s smartphone. This means that there are multiple apps to choose from and find the right access control system to meet your needs. Whether you prefer QR codes, bar codes, or other key systems, chances are you will be able to find a smartphone access control system that’s right for you.

Benefits of Smartphone Access Control

Among the many benefits of using smartphone access control is the low cost. When using these systems, businesses no longer need to print ID cards, replacement cards, and temporary access cards for every authorized person, making smartphone access control more cost effective for many. Additionally, smartphones can actually be more secure forms of access keys, as people will be less likely to lose them than traditional ID cards. Since most people lock their smartphones with pins or passwords, they are also tougher for someone else to use. For these reasons, many businesses are making the switch to smartphone access control systems.

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