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School Security Tips: Preparing for an Active Shooter

Preparing for an active shooter can be a nightmare for school administrators. But as the school year gets underway, it is an essential consideration for ensuring that all schools are as safe as possible. Being proactive and intelligent about your approaches to protecting your campus are two of the best solutions. In other words, be prepared.

School Security Tips: Preparing for an Active Shooter
Video cameras are a vital tool when it comes to school security.

Early Detection 

Video cameras are a vital tool when it comes to school security. They are one of the best pieces of equipment when early detection of a possible active shooter incident is needed. These systems can also be bundled with analytics software. These analytics can make connections between disparate sets of data, such as faces, license plate numbers, and suspicious behaviors that could indicate an intrusion. Computers have greatly enhanced the potential of tracking persons of interest who could pose a threat to the safety of your campus. That’s why it is worth it to invest in as many upgrades as possible, even if it must proceed during the school year itself. Such an intervention could have helped prevent the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The Human Factor 

As helpful as advanced technology can be, it cannot match the human factor. Everyone plays a part in making a school a fun place to be that emphasizes learning. But education doesn’t only involve typical academic pursuits. It also stresses the importance of healthy interactions between different people. Teachers and school resource officers are two of the most valuable resources any school can have – and in more ways than one. 

Involving the Community 

Parents and other members of the community should be included in the process of preparing for an active shooter. Prevention needs to be one of the most critical goals when it comes to stopping a potential tragedy. Also, parents and guardians should be informed whenever any active shooter drills are about to commence to help reduce the number of false alarms that could lead to mass hysteria if not handled gracefully enough within the school community. Mobile devices help make responses to such emergencies much less complicated, which can make all the difference. That way, panic buttons and shelter in place notifications are easier to send and reach everyone, even those who are not inside the main building and may not hear any alarms inside because they are too far away. 

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