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Human Error: A Common Cause of Security Breaches

According to the CompTIA’s 10th Annual Information Security Trends study, human error was cited by companies as a common cause of security breaches for the 10th year in a row. However, unlike the previous nine years of the study this issue is no longer restricted to malware, phishing, and viruses. Nowadays, cloud computing is clouding the security efforts of many companies who now have to consider how data is handled outside of their physical location.

Additional security considerations brought up in the study include:

  1. Unauthorized mobile applications and mobile malware strains
  2. Social networking

How Cybersecurity and New IT Operations are changing the Security Industry

41% of companies surveyed in the CompTIA’s 10th Annual Information Security Trends study report an immediate need to improve their security efforts and help their security staff more effectively monitor gaps in security, with an emphasis on cloud security, mobile security, and data loss prevention.

Ignoring the above security considerations could result in:

  1. Inability to identify vulnerabilities
  2. Loss of business and customer data
  3. Loss of business due to security issues
  4. And much more!

Because of all this, 49% of companies intend to hire a security expert to help their organization better deal with the changing landscape of the security industry.

ARK Systems: Your Expert in the Security Industry

With 30 years’ experience, ARK Systems is ready to design the security solution that’s best for your organization.  In every field, we have engineers with the highest certifications. We know what technologies are here and we know what’s coming, and we know how they apply to your organization.

We will address your organization like the unique security project that it is.

For any further questions on Security, simply contact ARK Systems at 1-800-995-0189 or click here today.

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Source: Employee-Empowering Technologies Raise Security Stakes for Organizations


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