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Securing Broadmead with Aiphone Technology



Broadmead is in good hands with George Patee and Frank Sjolie.

Security and efficiency are at the helm of a new initiative for Broadmead in Cockeysville, MD. George Patee, a man of many talents relating to campus safety, communication, transportation, and capitol planning, worked with our very own Frank Sjolie to put this system into action. Let’s take a closer look at what sorts of things Broadmead’s new system can do and how it will affect residents.

How is Aiphone aiding Boradmead?

In the past, residents of Broadmead relied on the “duty man” to give them access to and from the facility. This is no longer a necessity. The new Aiphone “video door station” will allow for a much smoother process of fielding access requests. The “duty man,” now known as the CSO, or campus safety officer, is only a short and simple call away. This system replaced a confusing interface with a clear call button that rings the reception desk and the appropriate CSO’s cellphone to come and assist the resident. Using the camera integrated into the video door station, the CSO will be able to see who they are speaking to, adding another level of verification to the process. The station also has a card reader for use. As of now, only the security staff members can use it, but there are plans for a larger pool of users in Broadmead’s “Master Plan.” The security system can also track the comings and goings of people within the facility with the use of electronic devices.

Flexibility is at the heart of this initiative.

Along with the card reader and camera at the security station, there are also more cameras being installed throughout the facility. The camera system is meant to adjust to the needs of the facility and its residents. Residents have been offered to have cameras installed in their rooms if they wish.  George Patee and, of course, Frank Sjolie are committed to creating the safest, most efficient environment they can at Broadmead.

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