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Security Should Be at the Forefront of IP Communications Migration


IP Communications

IP Communications devices are the future.

As of right now, the landscape of technology is still rapidly changing and growing. Communication technology is no different. Many enterprises are transitioning from private branch exchanges (PBXs) or other older forms of technology to IP based communication systems. As these transitions occur, it’s deeply important that security remains at the forefront of all technological equipment. Let’s take a look at what should be done during and IP communications migration.

There are several things that stop IP communications migration.

New technology is, above all, a new expense. Many companies, along with government agencies, simply don’t see the need to upgrade their systems because of the financial constraints. However, this is only one of the ancillary reasons. The real reason that many enterprises resist the transition comes down to a security question. “Closed” networks are inherently more secure than open, IP based technologies. The problem is that “closed,” circuit-based communications are on separate networks. Though this is nice for security, as most other technology migrates to an IP based solution, this will become a major inconvenience.

What security features must be addressed during an IP communications migration?

It is very important to consider the security needs of any new technology that you may implement, but IP based technologies are particularly relevant right now. On Friday, October 21st, there was a very large DDoS attack that struck major companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Netflix. This attack was carried out using the IP addresses of thousands of devices that had not been properly and securely configured. The unprotected IP addresses were then used to overload a series of DNS services on the servers of Dyn, bringing down many high profile services. Without proper configuration, your devices are nothing more than an expensive liability that could one day bring the internet to its knees. Make sure that all default security settings are changed when you have your devices set up.

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