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Security: Monitoring from the Perspective of the End User

From the security consultant, to the integrator, to the monitoring service, the parties that have an interest in any given security system all approach it from a different perspective. However, the perspective of the most important party, the end user, sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. The end user may be confused as to who they are actually communicating with when they engage with the monitoring service. Let’s take a look at why this happens, and what an integrator can do to better engage the end user.


Monitoring from the Perspective of the End User

Once the security system is installed and in use, the end user’s primary point of contact usually becomes the central station at the monitoring service. Often, this monitoring service is a third-party that is not affiliated with the integrator or consultant. The end user interacts when false alarms are generated, when real alarms are generated, and when there is a change regarding the call list, phone numbers, or other contact information.

The issue this creates is an occasional disconnect when the end user needs information the monitoring service cannot provide, information that should actually be obtained from the integrator. But because the end user communicates primarily with the central station, they believe the service should have the information they seek. In the worst case scenario, this disconnect can form a rift that causes the end user to seek the services of a another security provider.

In order to prevent this, the integrator needs to be proactive. While the end user will always communicate most with the monitoring service after installation, the integrator can still make their presence known and make the end user aware of the problems they can solve.

One good strategy is for the integrator to provide life cycle management services that necessitate regular contact with the end user. These include things such as system health monitoring reports, free service calls prior to warranty expiration or end of the service agreement period. Customer satisfaction surveys are also a good way to get important feedback from the end user.

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