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Security Solutions for Transportation Systems

Hectic transportation hubs are among the most difficult locations to monitor with a high level of efficiency. Between the thousands of commuters, travelers, and staff that make their way through the hub, many of them multiple times a day, video surveillance can prove a difficult charge. Cameras on transportation units themselves also face unique concerns, such as increased vulnerability to vandalism and the threat of impact. However, with new advances in camera and system technology, namely IP cameras and greatly improved network capabilities, transportation security has become more efficient and more successful.


One of the most cited benefits of IP cameras is their improved image quality over traditional closed circuit cameras. IP cameras can pick out fine details among a sea of people with their advanced zoom capabilities. They can also be easily integrated into existing legacy networks, which is especially beneficial for those who aren’t looking to replace their current system. Not only do IP cameras have improved image quality, their remote monitoring capabilities allow anyone with network access to view live feeds coming from the cameras, which gives security personnel greater flexibility of movement and easier tracking of security threats.


Another technological improvement that has benefited transportation security is video analytics, namely, face recognition and face search software. Personnel can search footage for a specific face simply by providing the system with a reference face. This allows them to save hours of time scrolling through footage, and more importantly, to respond quicker to security threats. This technology can also be used in real time by live cameras, for example, to allow employee access to restricted areas or to alert security personnel of the presence of a prohibited person.

Transportation Security


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