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How to Maintain Security in the Cloud


There are many advantages to hosting data in the cloud. Hosting data remotely frees up local storage, as well as reduces the need for significant amounts of local storage. It allows remote access to data, meaning that employees can access files from the office, home, another state, or even international locations. The cloud allows real-time responses to workloads and can significantly improve workflow by making everything available in a centralized location. However, there is one thing that is deterring many businesses from adopting cloud storage: security.


Traditional data centers are protected by a myriad of firewalls and other intrusion prevention and detection systems. The cloud on the other hand, being off-site, presents the image of being more vulnerable to attack. It’s accessible remotely by employees, so why wouldn’t it also be accessible by those with malicious intent?


A solution can be found in Security Information and Event Management Systems, also known as SIEM. This system allows security teams to delve deep into the cloud and see not only its meta data but the contents of the interactions users have with the cloud. This allows the team to find recognizable patterns in the data that signify harmful interactions with the cloud. Virtual flow collectors enable the security team to see all virtual network traffic as well as port-mirrored traffic, thus keeping an eye on both the physical and non-physical cloud devices. These collectors can run on virtual servers, making them cost-effective as well as space-saving.


New SIEM technology allows previously collected and logged data to be cross-referenced against real-time flow data to determine if the cloud is being breached in real time via an integrated dashboard that can be easily monitored.


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