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The Ripples of the Success of Megapixels

Since the start of the megapixel boom in 2007, the growth of the megapixel camera market has significantly outpaced the growth of the standard resolution camera market. Industry experts expect the megapixel market’s growth to continue over the next three years at more than a 40-percent compound annual growth rate. In turn, the growth of this market has spurred the growth of related markets such as the surveillance recording and storage industry, which has seen significant growth as a function of the need for more storage space for higher resolution megapixel images. Following are a few areas that have seen improvement thanks to the megapixel industry.




High-end network video recorders (NVR) are in high demand due to the need to store more footage for a longer period of time. The dramatic improvements in the footage quality of megapixel cameras over traditional closed circuit cameras has resulted in a fundamental shift in the approach to storing security footage. Whereas in the past, footage quality was so poor that it was often discarded not long after it was shot, security operations now place a high value on the storage and management of good quality video.


Security Operations


New technology has ushered in new recording practices. These include the use of digital zoom, which can provide high-quality frames at a great distance. The high resolution of megapixel cameras means that often times camera fields of view overlap, in which case they can be stitched together using software to create seamless panoramic views of a viewing area.


Improved Design and Engineering


The development of megapixel cameras ushered in a new design technique called pixels per inch, also known as pixels on target. This technique allowed manufacturers to calculated and quantify the benefits of megapixel cameras over standard resolution cameras, and has improved consultants’ definitions of system requirements.


Operator Confidence


Improvements in the quality of security footage have increased operator confidence and shifted the emphasis on operations from live monitoring toward investigation. New software allows operators to find security footage events quickly without having to search through hours of footage. Larger and seamless fields of view made possible by multiple megapixel cameras can provide a holistic picture of an event.


Frames Per Second


Megapixel cameras provide fewer frames per second at a higher resolution than traditional cameras, which, in conjunction with network video recorders that can select the most important frames over time, reduces requirements for storage space and increases the retention time for stored footage.



CCTV security camera.



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