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Streaming Video Usage Surges in Popularity Thanks to the Pandemic

Although the rise of streaming video services is nothing new, times are changing even faster these days.

Although the rise of streaming video services is nothing new, times are changing even faster these days.

Although the rise of streaming video services is nothing new, times are changing even faster these days. The pandemic caused by the Coronavirus has led to state mandates to stay-at-home and remain in quarantine or practice social distancing when out and about in public. So, with many gathering activities temporarily discouraged (and in some cases, extremely dangerous) it’s no surprise that video streaming has become even more popular. One unexpected byproduct caused by the COVID shutdowns is the fact that end-users are moving beyond simple entertainment

About Kanopy Itself

Kanopy is a company similar to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. However, one notable difference is that they seek to serve libraries ahead of ordinary consumers. Their goal is to stream high-quality content and films meant to inspire, educate, and entertain library patrons everywhere. Libraries and filmmakers serve as integral partners who want to give back to patrons, students, and school faculty members films meant to stoke the imagination while also focusing on learning and meaningful conversations.  

A Survey by Kanopy 

Kanopy recently conducted a survey that revealed how the continued-growth of digital video streaming services impacts the evolution of how films and television shows are consumed and, in turn, talked about afterward. Even after the pandemic ends, this trend will not lose steam. In fact, it is predicted that for the next three years or so, libraries will pivot away from physical materials. Instead, they will devote more resources to streaming resources instead of traditional disc-based formats such as DVDs or Blu-Rays. Changes and challenges are bound to happen, as is the case with any form of technology innovation. 

The Most Important Findings

Beyond identifying this intriguing trend, the survey also yielded a number of other fascinating findings that merit further discussion and research. For instance, more than 47% of the 730 participants in the survey said that “streaming video budgets will increase in 2021.” Likewise, this trend will continue to surge for the foreseeable future. Also, 54.5% of public libraries already embrace the potential of streaming video services. Moreover, they offer multiple channels to their patrons. However, the other side of the coin is that these libraries also recognize the complexity involved in training patrons how to navigate, use, and enjoy multiple streaming services at the same time. Besides entertainment, streaming videos have also been used to enhance people’s lives through personal enrichment and completing class assignments. 

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