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Thermal Imaging Dilemmas: Retaining Temperature Scanners After the Pandemic

There is no doubt that thermal imaging technology has become indispensable. Temperature scanners are less-invasive ways to test incoming clients, customers, and patrons to see if they have a fever. Fever is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. Sadly, one of the reasons why the virus is so pervasive is that some infected people wouldn’t know it because they are asymptomatic. Likewise, they might chalk it up to an ordinary bout of the flu. But in our current climate, you can never be too careful. 

Thermal Imaging Dilemmas: Retaining Temperature Scanners After the Pandemic
There is no doubt that thermal imaging technology has become indispensable.

Other Uses for Remaining Temperature Scanners 

The latest surge in COVID cases brings with it unexpected mutations. Frighteningly enough, the new strain ravaging the UK has made it to North America. Likewise, a recent Los Angeles mutation has made California’s current predicament worse. While temperature scanners and other thermal imaging tools may be pricey, they are in high demand for good reason. More and more systems are being developed and deployed, with overall integration of technology, systems, and aims that a company literally cannot afford to neglect. 

Changing the Workplace Health Culture

One of the lingering issues that affect the United States more than other countries is the workplace health culture. Economic output and employee productivity are valued over well-being. The culture of collectivism that serves the common good in other countries isn’t embraced here – so that is another obstacle to ending the pandemic. A practical solution is to change the overall work culture here; scanners will give anyone who feels sick pause. Thus, a shift in company policies regarding sick leave and personal days will surely benefit all stakeholders.

What Thermal Imaging Can Do Down the Road 

Thermal imaging is not a new concept in the world of safety and security. The unfortunate reality is that many smaller businesses might not implement them, unlike their larger, more liquid competitors. Even so, cutting-edge temperature scanners can continue to pay dividends even after the pandemic is finally quelled. The trend of smart buildings will gain momentum and lead to more bountiful energy savings. Eventually, thermal imaging tech will become commonplace enough that it is programmed into smartphones and self-driving cars. Now, isn’t that a pleasant view of the future

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