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The Importance of Post-Sales Support in IP-based Security Systems

Many times when certain infrastructures start transferring their analog CCTV and DVR-based security surveillance systems to IP cameras and network-based recording devices, they use almost 80 percent of their time and budget is used on the planning and implementation stages. But almost no time or budget is spent for the post-instillation process. This can cause problems when the post-instillation experience requires additional time and money to complete.

Here are a few points to consider in regards to switching over to IP cameras and network-based recording devices:

  • Life-cycle management phases – The life-cycle management phase of IP surveillance is usually about three to seven years, depending on the equipment purchased. When most of the budget is spent on the planning and implementation, this leaves not a lot of capital to invest in the actual life cycle of the systems. This can leave many security systems users in a vunerable state because they don’t have the money or the time to repair any problems that may arise during an operating cycle.
  • Use the IT system model – The IT model of systems management promotes a 60/40 rule. This provides that 60 percent of the budget is spent on planning and implementation and 40 percent of it is used for post-instillation services. At least 10 percent of that budget should be allocated for the first year after these systems have been put in place.
  • Support training – Many users of these new IP security surveillance systems get basic training on how to use the system, but not how to support it. And when these systems are integrated with IT departments, support can become a very complicated issue.  Support training may be required to fully be able to utilize these new IP and network-based security systems. The training can help users deal with future problems down the line.
  • Frequent system back-ups – Another facet of planning for the transition to IP security systems is how often you back-up your system. In the first 30 to 60 days the most changes take place for an IP security system, so daily back-ups are a good idea. Between backing up your systems and providing updates, there are a lot of preventative measures that should be followed when dealing with the transition from traditional.


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Source: Post-Sales Support Keeps End Users Secure Long-Term, Security Magazine

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