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  • The Importance of Communication Between Disparate Security Technologies

    Mass notification systems, security cameras, two-way radios, and other associated devices are all immensely important. In these turbulent times, they have become even more crucial than they used to be. Interoperability solutions may seem like an unnecessary expense, but campuses… Read More

  • Advances in Emergency Notification Technology

    You may know what the public address system is. The PA system is commonly found in schools, movie theaters, arenas, and stadiums. They will also be found in malls, airports, and train stations. Anywhere that is bound to be densely… Read More

  • Improving Campus Security with New Technology

    The rapid advancement of technology in all aspects of society has changed our lives in radical ways that people even ten or fifteen years ago couldn’t imagine or foresee. With continual threats of violence and other emergencies on school campuses,… Read More

  • Using Technology to Ensure Security for Your Business

    Making sure your place of business is as secure as possible must be one of your main priorities. As we have seen in the news, high profile security incidents at various commercial properties have proven that protecting your employees and… Read More

  • The TSA And New Explosive Screening Technology

    Just last week, the Transportation Security Administration announced that it has been testing a brand-new screening technology that can ultimately detect suicide vests in highly populated areas. These soft target areas are places like subway stations which often lack official… Read More

  • What Lies Ahead Within The Security Industry?

    At the last Milestone Integration Platform Symposium, there was a panel discussing the future of video surveillance. What was so fascinating was how the integration of technology was being discussed seemingly everywhere. In fact, from a camera standpoint, integrating technologies… Read More

  • Improvements in Technology Make Video Surveillance More Effective Than Ever

    Video surveillance has long been a key piece of physical security but thanks to new technological improvements, the capabilities of these systems have improved drastically. Video surveillance is smarter, more efficient, and more cost-effective than ever, making it a necessity… Read More

  • How Two-Factor Authentication Improves Security

    The problem of authentication is a common one for security systems and security applications. Two-factor authentication is becoming a necessity for many security access points. Two-factor is taken out of three possible components: something you know, something you have and… Read More

  • Providing Intercoms at Controlled Access Points

    There are many different security measures to consider when adding security to an access point. Video surveillance, locking hardware, electronic access control and audio communications are a few of  methods used in adding security to access points. Using intercom technology… Read More

  • Additional Video Surveillance Uses Outside of Security

    Video surveillance cameras are extremely useful in security situations and before the advent of smart technology that’s all that the cameras were usually used for. Now with IP-based software and networked surveillance cameras, they can be used for a lot… Read More