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The Many Benefits of Biometrics

Biometrics technology has advanced rapidly in recent years and an increasing number of institutions are beginning to take notice. Biometrics go above and beyond traditional access control measures by providing enhanced security and the ability to be integrated with other technologies, offering reliable security for hospitals, college campuses, and healthcare facilities. Learn more about the benefits of biometrics in today’s blog, below.


Biometrics offer benefits to many industries.

The Many Benefits of Biometrics

Biometrics have come a long way

In the past, biometrics gained a bad rap for being costly to implement and limited in scope. Because of their high price point, many institutions could only afford to implement biometrics in certain high-risk areas of their buildings. Previous generations of biometrics were often unable to combine high security with ease of use, causing many institutions to abandon biometrics as too complicated to implement or ineffective when compared to other forms of access control technology. Because of this negative reputation, many institutions chose to instead stick with traditional access control and have not considered biometrics as a viable alternative to their current access control systems.

In recent years, however, biometrics have advanced rapidly and as the technology has expanded, initial costs have gone down significantly so that it is often a more affordable option in the long run than other forms of access control.

Benefits of biometrics

  • No ongoing costs. Unlike keycard access control systems which require complete replacement of student and employee cards, biometrics simply requires a quick retinal or iris scan from new hires and students.
  • Enhanced security. One of the most exciting applications for biometrics are mobile devices that are equipped with the technology. From a security standpoint, password authentication is weak and easily bypassed. Biometrics offer the accuracy and reliability of iris or retinal scanning, which cannot be easily hacked .
  • Multifunctionality. Biometric computing platforms offer the ability to use biometrics to be used for a variety of functions, from opening doors and security gates to tracking time and attendance or managing inventory control.

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