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The Role of a Dedicated Engineer in Security Systems Installation

Installation of security systems requires a well-rounded team, where each member of the team brings his or her own skill set into the process. As security systems become more and more IT-based, installers with modern skill sets are increasingly in demand. At the same time, traditional skill sets concerning installation of hardware, locking, and cabling installation are still a vital component of the security systems installation process.

What many integrators are still lacking, however, is a dedicated engineer to bridge the gap between these two skill sets. These engineers specialize in integrated systems design and layout. They understand the technology that the company uses, and use this knowledge to facilitate every part of the installation process. Learn more, below.


A dedicated engineer bridges the gap between skill sets in security systems installation.


The Role of a Dedicated Engineer in Security Systems Installation


In the pre-sales phase, a dedicated engineer works with the sales team. They will review the data the sales team brings in, such as the scope of the project, to verify that the pricing and quotes they are sending out are accurate.

The work the engineer does in this phase minimizes the risk to the integrator by reducing the chances that a big change will have to be made later in the project. This allows the integrator to be more confident in committing to a price.


Once a customer has made an order, the dedicated engineer will review the parts list and handle submissions. He or she will also review shop drawings to align them with the specifications of the project.

Submissions are especially important in terms of helping the client to understand what you intend to do. A dedicated engineer knows how to handle submissions so that they are easily understood in layman’s terms. This allows the project to progress faster.


Once installation is complete, the engineer will go over it to make sure it matches the design. He or she will then handle remaining paperwork and close out documents to prepare them for life cycle management.

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