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Using Predictive Analysis for Customer-Centric Security

The use of predictive analysis has been rapidly increasing as technology becomes more and more fine-tuned to patterns of behavior. Technology that is able to aggregate data and analyze patterns of movement can both provide enhanced security as well as an improved customer experience through predictive analysis. Learn how this technology can enhance your company, below.


New technology can improve security and customer experience.

Using Predictive Analysis for Customer-Centric Security

Any organizations that are using big data analytics can benefit from the use of predictive analysis. Customer-centric security requires massive amounts of data which would be unfeasible for a person or security system to analyze manually. With predictive analysis, large amounts of data become a benefit as you can use Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) systems to analyze data from different systems thereby maximizing the return on investment of your security system by using it most effectively.

PIAM Systems

PIAM systems are able to capture and analyze security data from a range of different systems, both security and non-security. The data is mined to identify patterns of behavior and routines that uncovers connections between data that at first seemed unrelated. These connections are further analyzed to understand the the interrelationships between people, occurrences, and other activities that would not have been noticed without the PIAM system.

Predictive Analysis

This kind of extremely intelligent data provides insights that companies can then use to anticipate the needs and desires of their clients to serve them better and to provide enhanced security. Metrics are an important part of predictive analysis. For example, metrics can illuminate how many people enter a building during a certain time period, analyze how and where they travel throughout the building, how many make purchases, and much more. These metrics can then be leveraged to ensure a smooth customer experience by increasing staff in popular areas of a building or in any number of other ways.

Predictive analysis is also able to analyze behavior which can have broad-reaching benefits for maximizing customer experience. For example, PIAM systems may reveal that a guest at a hotel chain generally leaves his room in the late afternoon between 3-6 pm. Hotel management can then use this data to schedule the cleaning of his room during the hours that he is gone, minimizing intrusion and enhancing his experience.

Buy utilitizing the vast amounts of data available to them, organizations can maximize the effectiveness of their security systems and provide increased security and satisfaction to their clients.

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